Honors and Memorials




Honors and Memorials

Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge gratefully acknowledges the following generous gifts:

In honor of Philip Shapiro at Chanukah

James and Rhonda Bogard

In memory of Jerry Braunstein

Leonard and Judith Gray

In memory of Floyd Lamarr Deal

Richard and Evelyn Lorenz

In memory of Donald Andrew Gardiner

Barry and Sandra Guryan

In memory of Bruce Jacobson

James and Patricia Black
Kathleen Carpenter
Terri Darmon
Mary Ann Davidson
John and Alicia Gaul
Martie Griffin
Joan Herbers
Robert and Judith Kramer
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Charles Nell
Saint Louis Medical Clinic
Harold and Jonell Schmitt
Phyllis Shrank
Kevin Strawn and Mary Nell McPherson
Melvin Sturm
Women Executives for Community Services

In memory of Doris Johnson

Herb and Arelia Bartlett
Tom Beehan and Kay Brookshire
James and Rhonda Bogard
Mary Ann and Steve Damos
Sandy and Barry Guryan
Patricia Imperato
Jean Linder
Susan McCarthy
Senator Randy McNally
Frank and June Peishel
Pam and Paul Williams

In memory of Ardis Gervaise Leichsenring

Mary Dresser
Dace and Jolyn Gisclard

In memory of Ardis Gervaise Leichsenring and George Leichsenring

Patricia Arnett
Dace and Jolyn Gisclard

In memory of George Leichsenring

Mary Dresser

In memory of Richard Philippone

Diana Bagguley
Mary Ann Davidson
Geneva Garrison
Linda Hayes
Richard and Catherine Lowden
John and Jean Meersman
Kent and Sabra Parish
Robert and Lingli Philippone
Betty Smith
Deborah Stewart
Martha Stewart
Bruce Tomkins
Ali and Kay Yazdi

In memory of Ruth Reagor

Shirley Holt-Hale

In memory of Theodore Shapiro

Atlanta Area Psychological Associates, PC
Diana Bagguley
George and Mary Banick
David and Linda Blumkin
Jim Charles
Mary Ann and Steve Damos
Philip Ellerin
Donald and Karen Feldman
Ronald Fellman
Albert Good
Heska Amuna Synagogue Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Patricia Imperato
Stuart and Sharon Karpel
Joan Kravit
Lillian Lafferty
Roger and Susan Levine
Carolyn Martin
Dr. Stuart and Gale Ann Merle
Richard and Judy Mirel
Stephen and Rosalie Nagler
Eileen Neiler
Newton Public Schools Custodians Association
Hermine Pasternack
Theresa Perl
Carol Pilarski-Remis
Melvin Sturm
Carolyn Young Whitley
Dr. Paul and Pamela Williams
Ouida C.M. Young

In memory of Dr. Ida Lou Brown Stephens

Shirley Holt-Hale

In memory of Catherine Webster

Judy Halchin